Abby Bella – She Goes For Dick and Pussy

That babe Goes For Pecker and Pussy

She Goes For Meat-thermometer and Pussy

Lives: Orlando, Florida; Occupation: Hotel Personal Assistant; Age: Twenty 3; Born: September 14; Ht: 5’4″; Wt: 125 lbs.; Bras: 34B; Panties: Victoria’s Secret; Anal: Even DP; BJs: Drink certainly; Diddle: 2-3 nights a week.
“My girlfriend told me to wear this wig ’cause it would look sexier than my short hair,” told Abby. “I didn’t care about widening for her ’cause this babe is often spread my pink flaps. We acquire lezzie when we do not have boyfriends, and when we do, we often bonk in the same room and swap partners. I do not have a favourite way to fuck; I adore doing it all sorts of ways, whatever the guy wishes. When I’m super-excited, I can have two or three orgasms in advance of the ladies man is done. I don’t cum during anal, but I get really close to it. Being DPed is absolutely astonishing; I fuckin’ adore it!”

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Rachel – Cum With Me!

Cum With Me!

Cum With Me!

Lives: Fort Worth, Texas; Occupation: Airport worker; Age: 30; Born: October 27; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 140 lbs.; Bras: 36C; Panties: Colorful knickers; Anal: Finger or licking with tongue; BJs: Totally swallow; Diddle: Rarely.
“My life’s been kinda blah since I broke up with my last partner a few months agone,” said Rachel. “We’d often talked about me posing for pix for naughtymag and even had a pair of test runs, but nothing came of it. So I decided to do something that that smooth operator would never have wanted me to do…this movie scene. I loved doing it, and I can not await to watch it up on the web site. I hope u relish it and acquire off with me. But don’t beat me to it!”

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Val Kambel – Val gets into porn, and a porn stud gets into Val

Val gets into porn, and a porn stud gets into Val

Val receives into porn, and a porn chap receives into Val

How’s this for starters? Val Kamble, a 53-year-old Mamma of 2 and grandmother of three from Tampa, Florida, acquires a creampie in her very first scene. Val, who was born in Atlanta, Georgia, has had some interesting jobs. This babe has been a nurse and a construction worker. And now she is fucking on-camera for your viewing joy!

“What do you wanna try that u haven’t done?” we asked Val.

“This!” she said.

She’s dressed for the occasion in underware, nylons, a garter and fuck-me pumps. She has lengthy, blonde hair and DD-cup bumpers.

“What kind of dates do you love to go on?” we asked Val.

“Ones that end with sex!” she said.

“Would the people who know u be surprised to watch u here?”

“Oh my god, yep! I’m not into porn,” Val told.

Hey, Val! U are now!

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Tori Dean – Tori’s Back For More!

Tori’s Back For More!

Tori's Back For More!

Now 47 years mature, Tori Dean returns to to get more meat-thermometer. Tori, who’s still single and living in Arizona, shot two screw scenes whilst this babe was in our studio final week, and this is one of them.

“It’s worthwhile to be back,” Tori said. “I loved it the 1st time, and I am guessing this is intend to be even more nice-looking. I like having sex with porn guys.”

And they love having sex with her, as should be obvious from those images. This hot-bodied divorcee (36D-27-36) one time had a radio station vote her “Legendary MILF of Arizona.” We have no idea what that is supposed to mean. Nonetheless, we accede.

Tori was born in Nevada. She once was a lifeguard and has worked in the medical field for almost all of her life. She enjoys arts and crafts. She’s not a swinger. She’s not a nudist. But this babe loves the idea of you boyz sitting in front of your computers and jacking to her photos.

“I’m more open and secure with myself,” this babe said.

And that babe is more open with us.

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Val Kambel – No talk, all action

No talk, all act

No talk, all action

Val Kambel says she’s sexually passive, but in this scene (her 1st video screw), Val is definitely the aggressor, licking with tongue up and down the stud’s chest, then engulfing his nuts, then taking his 10-Pounder deep into her throat. How unfathomable? Very unfathomable. As unfathomable as possible with out swallowing his nuts, too. This babe deep-throats him all the way. Then that babe rides his 10-Pounder. Then that babe opens her stockinged legs for a unfathomable rogering. Then this babe has him cum in her cookie.

Val doesn’t say much in this video. If you wanna hear her talk, inspect her episode interview. She’ll tell you that she’s a 53-year-old construction worker and former nurse. That she is a Mama and a grandmother. That she was born in Atlanta, Georgia and now lives in Florida. That she is fulfilling her fantasy–sexual and otherwise–by being here.

But if u crave to watch a hawt, breasty, older woman savouring herself with a boy who’s Thirty years younger than her, you’ve come to the right place.

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Giselle Capri – Pussy In The Suds

Pussy In The Suds

Pussy In The Suds

Lives: Atlanta, Georgia; Occupation: Store clerk; Age: Twenty one; Born: July 29; Ht: 5’3″; Wt: 127 lbs.; Bras: 34D; Panties: Lace; Anal: Sometimes: Usually spit; Diddle: At least one time a week.

“When I decided to do the photos for naughtymag, my fellow and I went to his momma’s abode when this babe was out so we could use her baths,” told Giselle. “I didn’t wanna do normal fotos on a couch or a sofa, and I was likewise chicken to pose out side. I felt really priceless and sexy while my gent was taking the pics, and he was talking obscene to me the complete time. When he told we had enough images, that fellow was on me and in me in advance of I could catch my breath–I was still moist. We rogered on the rug and it was the majority astonishing bonk we have ever had. We waited untill this chab was stiff once more and banged one time more, but that one was just okay.”

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Shemain Ravene – Shemain’s First Time

Shemain’s 1st Time

Shemain's First Time

“The people I know would be surprised to watch me here,” told Shemain Ravene, a 47-year-old Mother from Florida’s Gulf Coast. “I came from a strict upbringing.”

In other words, women who came from strict upbringings aren’t supposed to fuck 24-year-olds on-camera and take a load of cum all over their faces for all the world to see. But Shemain did!

“I like to touch and be touched,” Shemain said. “I love to masturbate. I use a marital-device and I simulate blowing and tit-fucking a lad. It actually gets me off.”

Truly? Now that’s something we’ve at not time heard before…a headmistress getting off on simulating a oral-stimulation and tit-fuck.

“I like blow job,” Shemain told. “I like engulfing 10-Pounder and having my love tunnel eaten. But I’ll always let the boy make the 1st move.”

Make it, gentlemen. It’ll be worth your whilst.

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Val Kambel – Getting to know Val Kambel

Getting to know Val Kambel

Getting to know Val Kambel

Now that we have watched her shag once, in pix that were posted last week, Val Kambel sits down with us for a formal interview. Val is a 53-year-old Mamma of 2 and grandmother of 3 from Florida, and here, that babe is wearing a sheer top, stockings and a garter.

“When you wear a garter, do the thongs go over or below the garter?” we ask Val.

“Over, so they can come off,” Val says.

Worthwhile answer!

“I’m basically a very hush-hush person,” Val says. “I like my personal space. I wouldn’t just walk up to a ladies man and wet crack him or hug him or begin a conversation.”

But that babe will wake up her spouse with a irrumation.

“I’ll stick it straight in my face hole,” she says.

Need to know Val. Consider it foreplay for tomorrow’s all-the-way episode.

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Shemain Ravene – Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

Shemain, Gift-Wrapped

“I do webcamming on the side so I figured this was the next logical step,” said Shemain Ravene, a 47-year-old Mama from Florida. “I adore getting boyz off. You can merely masturbate on-camera so much. Eventually u desire something real.”

Here, Shemain receives the real thing. Real jock. It’s her 1st movie sex scene, coming on the heels of her first photo sex scene the other day.

“I do almost any of my cumming on-camera,” Shemain said. “I’m single.”

Shemain isn’t a swinger or a nudist. This babe loves 69ing ‘coz “both partners receive off.”

“I’m more into oral than penetration, but I like missionary,” that babe told. “I’m very touchy-feely. I most like slow sex. I’m not one for inflexible and fast. I adore working my way up.”

Shemain works her way up in this clip. It begins with an interview in which we must know her more fine then continues to sex with 25-year-old Rocky. His birthday was the other day, and we could not imagine a better gift than Shemain.

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Zhak – She Wants You To Wank

She Wants U To Wank

She Craves U To Wank

Lives: Liverpool, United Realm; Occupation: Scholar; Age: 19; Born: June 14; Ht: 5’6″; Wt: 138 lbs.; Bras: 34C; Panties: Colorful and hawt; Anal: If u ask nicely; BJs: One swallow then spit; Diddle: A not many times a month.

“I met the bloke who took those images just final weekend,” said Zhak. “My girlfriend and I got picked up by two blokes on the Mersey ferry. We took ‘em to our flat and pretty soon we were shagging–me and one bloke in the living room and my fella and the other bloke in the bedroom. We could all hear anything. Then we switched partners…it just happened. Afterward, we all four decided that the switch-fuck was much better for all of us, so we stayed that way and kept at it all night. Humorous eh? My flatmate was out with her new bloke when I posed for these photos. I hope all the blokes enjoy ogling my bod and tossing off.”

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Bea Cummins – Bea is 70. Her stud is 46 years younger!

Bea is 70. Her chap is 46 years younger!

Bea is 70. Her man is 46 years younger!

A yoga studio is not where you’d wait to discover a 70-year-old scholar and her 24-year-old instructor banging, but then afresh, it would be if we were in charge of yoga studios. Truly, we think Pilates studios are more suited to fucking, but yoga it is for Bea and her young teacher.

This is Bea’s 12th screw in our studio, a number that’s surpassed merely by Rita Daniels’ 13, but some of Rita’s were for So, Bea is officially our most-fucked 60Plus MILF/GILF/Wife ever, and we’ve a feeling she is still intend to be going at it in five years when she is 75 and maybe in 10 years when she’s 80.

“Why avoid?” Bea said. “I’m having also much pleasure!”

And so is her spouse, who always comes along to observe his fetching wife getting boned by youthful, big-dicked bucks.

So here’s Bea’s 12th. It is a nice one. The 46-year age gap between Bea and her Lothario is her largest ever. Enjoy. This babe did.

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