Kimora Klein – The Last Time

The Final Time

The Final Time

“This is the final time u chaps will see my images, probably. I am attending school for certification as an English teacher,” Kimora said us. “I already speak English, but I’m learning Chinese. Anyway, my topmost goal is to travel to China and educate over there. The government over there is really strict about who they accept into their programs, so I am intend to get to hide the fact that I’ve widen my muff and screwed on-camera. I’d like to be skillful to explore Asia cuz it’s part of my heritage. Plus, I am ambisextrous and I suppose that Oriental vixens are rogering hot. That being said, I’m gonna miss having all u lads out there, jerking your dicks while thinking about me.”

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Marcella Guerra – Marcella gets a facial

Marcella acquires a facial

Marcella receives a facial

The first time Marcella Guerra visited our studio, that babe did not wanna bonk. This babe just wanted to brandish her wobblers and arse and spread her cookie. That’s surprising considering what we’re seeing here: Marcella lustily mouthing a greater than standard porn weenie and screwing it, also. But, hey, some babes just need their time and space. They need to take things at their own pace. And considering that almost all hotty’s not at all screw on-camera, we’re very cheerful that Marcella did.

This is Marcella’s second scene at She’s a 53-year-old Colombian SEXY HOUSEWIFE with two kids. This babe has large fun bags and a larger than standard wazoo.

“Latino bucks adore larger than standard butts ‘cuz many Latinas have them,” Marcella told. “But I detect that all kinds of men love my bigger in size than average butt. They wanna slap it, squeeze it and copulate it.”

Marcella’s gazoo doesn’t get screwed in this scene, but it does get slapped and spread and played with. In the opening images, Marcella is wearing a sheer top. We can watch her blue brassiere. The gorgeous garments quickly come off. Marcella says she loves a well-behaved gentleman. Juan pushes his dick in her face hole. Apparently, Marcella gets off on bad behavior, too.

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Val Kambel – Val Is Shy, But She’s Showing Us Her Pussy!

Val Is Timid, But She’s Showing Us Her Cum-hole!

Val Is Coyness, But She's Showing Us Her Muff!

Val Kambel, Fifty three, is a pleasing Georgia peach with a succulent body. This babe is a bit demure at 1st, which this babe associates with being fastened down to a bad relationship for too long. Now she’s free of that marriage and on to a fresh boy who appreciates her newfound raunchy attitude. Somebody who knows her would be shocked to see her here or at, but that babe doesn’t care. As Val puts it, this babe is in the prime of her life and nobody can stop her!

40SOMETHING: Do you ever wake up in the morning saying, you know what? I’m probably plan to have sex today, I’m going to suit a certain way.
VAL: Totally! I love putting on sexy outfit.

40SOMETHING: So let us say u urge to turn your Lothario on. What do u wear for that?
VAL: Short-shorts. Short costume. I flaunt tons of leg. It is probably coz I’m 5’7″ and a lot taller with heels.

40SOMETHING: Was turning 50 a large deal for u?
VAL: Not actually. Forty is the one that got me. 50 did not trouble me at all. Forty gotta me ‘cuz it was love a mile marker for me. I was getting mature. I survived it, though! I got divorced in my mid-forties, also.

40SOMETHING: Have any kids?
VAL: Oh yep. But they’re grown and out of the house and living on their own. They’d totally be shocked to see Mother here! Indeed, majority people would. I’m a very hush-hush person.

40SOMETHING: Let us say you were single. U wouldn’t just walk up to a charmer and grab him and hug him?
VAL: No, the lad has to make the first move. Always.

40SOMETHING: But what if you were lying in sofa with your spouse and you’re lustful. Would you make the 1st move then?
VAL: Totally. I’ll go right for his strapon and stick it straight in my throat, especially with morning wood. U don’t wish it to go to waste! Sometimes it’s a lot harder in the morning. I’ll stick it in my face hole and start tongueing and mouthing and intend to city.

40SOMETHING: How long does it take for him to wake up?
VAL: Just a minute, at no time longer!

40SOMETHING: You’re blushing! You’re sat here, getting ready to be a pornstar, and you are blushing!
VAL: It’s likewise humorous, isn’t it?

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May Malani – Keeping it Tight

Keeping it Tight

Keeping it Tight

“I’ve been experimenting latterly with vaginal exercises. It is adore a tantric thing,” May explained to us. “I can tighten and unwind my pussy at will now, hundreds of times a day. I even have these little stainless steel balls that I keep inside my cookie all day. I can move ‘em around just by flexing. It feels marvelous. I’ll have dozens of miniature, little orgasms throughout my afternoons. I started doing it ‘coz I like getting filled with four fingers and did not desire to become loose.”

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Eva Saldana – First-Time Fucker

First-Time Fucker

First-Time Fucker

Occupation: Scholar; Age: Nineteen; Born: June 9; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 119 pounds; Bras: 32B; Panties: G-strings or panties; Anal: Haven’t tried; BJs: Cum on my face; Diddle: Of course.

Eva is our exotic, little flower from Arkansas. That babe has family down here in Miami, so that babe visits from time to time. In fact, that’s how we met her. One of her family allies filmed with the SCORE Group a diminutive in number years agone and now that Eva is lastly aged sufficient, this babe is decided that this babe urges to try banging on-camera, too! We invited her to tryout for us, knowing full well that we’d love to view her wet crack get speared and there’s no chance in hell that we’d turn her down. That babe eagerly took our bait and we set her up with a smooth operator. “I wasn’t faking how wet my vagina got,” this babe told us. “He indeed knew what this chab was doing. I had…like…a bunch of little orgasms the complete time he was inside of me.”

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Savannah Steele – It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

It’s Big-Cock Time For Savannah

It's Big-Cock Time For Savannah

Savannah Steele, a 44-year-old Mother of two teenagers from South Carolina, returns to hit the large time, and we do mean big. This time, Savannah is taking on JMac’s bigger than run of the mill, thick schlong, and when a dominatrix-bitch does that, u know this babe is indeed gone all the way.

“Thick and giant,” Savannah said of JMac’s tool. “But I got nearly the entire thing in my mouth”

The thing is, though, that Savannah is a little woman at 5’1″, 123 pounds, so although we know her mouth could take JMac’s ding-dong, we wondered about her wet crack. Well, JMac’s tool does a number on Savannah’s wet crack, but she manages to stretch her lips around it for a deep, hard copulate.

Savannah is golden-haired and has bigger than standard bosoms. That babe also has a gaping cunt, at least when it is just been fucked by a huge dick. When JMac is ready to cum, Savannah opens her throat so that stud can shoot his cum inside. But not all of the ball cream makes it down her throat. Some of it trickle down onto her DD-cups.

Savannah has been with us once before. We asked her if that babe watched her first scene, and that babe said, “Yes, alone. I masturbated to it. I thought it was hawt. I got instantly moist. It made me wish more sex.”

And what a lady adore Savannah desires, a lady adore Savannah receives.

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Val Kambel – Val’s Back For Anal!

Val’s Back For Anal!

Val's Back For Anal!

Back for the second time at, 53-year-old Mother, grandmother, nudist and swinger Val Kambel receives ass-fucked on-camera for the first time. Val enjoys butt stab. This babe tells us so in the brief interview at the kick off of this scene. But Val would rather have sex than talk about it. Wouldn’t everybody? And when Val acquires to the act, this babe stuffs her face with 34-year-old Tony’s knob then acquires her wet crack and ass group-fucked in each conceivable positon.

Val is a Mother of 2 and grandmother of 3. This babe was born in Atlanta, Georgia and lives in Tampa, Florida. That babe is been a nurse and a construction worker. Yes, we said construction worker. This babe is golden-haired and this babe likes wearing short shorts when that babe is out in public because “it acquires me aid at Home Depot.”

Anal, aisle six!

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Tiffany Tailor – Working Up A Sweat

Working Up A Sweat

Working Up A Sweat

When a ordinary person works out and sweats, they wanna take a shower or jump in a pool to kewl off. Tiffany wishes to masturbate. There is something about getting all sweaty and sexy that turns her on. We’re marvelous sure it’ll turn u on, too.

This babe is not raising money for the ice water defiance, but she’s raising a tent in our trousers when she douses her bawdy cleft with cold splashes from her water bottle. When that babe let it run down her back, betwixt her constricted buttcheeks and over her vise-tight dark hole, we just about nutted! How about you?

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Brandi Anderson – Brandi Fucks Her Best Friend’s Husband

Brandi Bonks Her Supreme Friend’s Boyfriend

Brandi Screws Her Superlatively worthy Friend's Husband

Brandi Anderson, a 41-year-old divorcee from Canada (now living in North Florida), is clothed for sex. This massive boobed platinum blond is wearing a red corset, nylons and a garter belt. She looks very hot. Very slutty. But who is this babe clothed for?

Brandi looks out the window. A car drives up.

“Here we go!” she says.

Her smooth operator is home from work…or is it her chap? She is lying in ottoman. He comes upstairs and hears a female groaning. His wife, maybe?

“Brandi, what are u doing here?” Tony says when that ladies man sees her.
Hmmm…maybe not his wife.

“You know you wanna copulate me,” Brandi says.

“You’re my wife’s almost any priceless friend,” Tony protests. Weakly, we’d say.

“You know you wanna shag me,” Brandi says anew.

“Who said u?” Tony asks.

“You know u urge to suck my whoppers.”

“You are a tanalize,” this dude says.

Not exactly. Tanalizes don’t put out. Brandi does.

And she doesn’t receive to spend much time convincing him. Before long, Brandi has his ramrod in her face hole, and then that guy has his throat buried in her snatch. Tony screws Brandi every which way (‘coz this gent does urge her), and that charmer discharges his load in her open mouth. Brandi wishes his load so badly that she licks it off her fingers.

This is Brandi’s initial debut. We’d say it’s a admirable one.

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Val Kambel – It’s A Tight Fit In Val’s Asshole

It is A Constricted Fit In Val’s Backdoor

It's A Tight Fit In Val's Asshole

When Val Kambel, a 53-year-old Mommy and grandmother from Tampa, Florida, made her rogering launch, we asked her if the people that babe knows would be surprised to see her here. And Val said, “Oh my god, yep! I’m not into porn.”

Well, as of that scene, porn is into her, and if these people back home were surprised to see her the 1st time, imagine how surprised they’re gonna be when they see her getting ass-fucked on-camera.

“I do love anal,” Val said. “It can be very enjoyment. When it’s done missionary style and done correctly with some care, I will really cum. Do not just hit it!”

Val is a little coyness when she’s talking about sex. This babe calls her muff her fur pie. This babe doesn’t say “tits.” She says “breasts.” But she’s a nudist and a swinger, and that babe isn’t hesitant about showing us her vagina or getting ass-fucked on-camera.

Here, Val is wearing a short suit. Tony pulls aside her panties to observe her wet crack then receives her on all fours to investigate and finger her anal opening. When the inspection is finished, Val sucks his meat-thermometer then rides his knob. Lastly, that babe acquires on all fours one time more so Tony can slide his wang into her anus. It is a constricted fit. It is a nice fit. Did that chap do it right, Val?

“Did he ever!”

The smile and cum on her face says it all.

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Kacee Harley – The Big-Assed MILF

The Greater than standard butted M.I.L.F.

The Bigger than standard assed MILF

“My dream is to have 2 juvenile, fit studs give me a fleshly rubdown that ends up as a DOUBLE PENETRATION session in a hawt bubble bath,” said Kacee Harley, a wife and Mother from Missouri who has already been ass-fucked at

We asked Kacee if this babe had ever been with a much-younger chap (other than the ones that babe drilled for us), and this babe said, “Yes, certainly! I love young guys. I have one hubby who is about 25. My partner and I met him at a piano bar and were trying to set up a DP session. I ended up having so much enjoyment with him that we just screwed whilst my boyfriend videotaped the whole thing. We were exploring many raunchy poses and there was so much sucking, licking and screwing. I even let him fuck my face for a gagging blow job, then this chap had both my muff and ass. Youthful lads have great recovery time.”

Hey, Kacee, you know better than we do.

So what makes a hawt Mama I’D LIKE TO FUCK adore Kacee spunk in her panties? A assertive chap, clean-shaven with a admirable preference of clothes and cologne.

“When I meet a boy who has all these things jointly and that charmer treats me love a real woman, I let him treat me adore a doxy in the bedroom. I’ve two different personalities, one for sex and one for the public.”

Of course, here, at, that babe is having public sex. And that is when the real Kacee comes out.

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