Dallas Matthews – Tall, blonde MILF’s first XXX

Tall, blond MILF’s 1st XXX

Tall, blonde MILF's first XXX

Dallas Matthews, a 56-year-old first-timer from Washington, receives right to it in her first-ever XXX movie scene. You’ll notice right away that Dallas is taller than her Lothario. A lot taller. It’s not that Brad is short. He is 5’9″. It’s that Dallas is tall. Very tall. This babe is six-feet tall, taller in heels, so that babe can indeed tower over a lad. Back in the 1980s, actor Dudley Moore and adult model Susan Anton were in a relationship that was noted cuz Moore was 5’3″ and Anton was 5’11”. So if you are into that, Dallas is your hotty.

There’re many other reasons Dallas could be your beauty. She has golden-haired hair. She’s attractive. This babe has a great body with D-cups milk sacks. And that babe likes to bonk, as that babe unveils here. This babe ends up with cum all over her face. Charming priceless for starters.

Dallas and her partner are swingers. They’ve swung with 60PlusMILFs.com newbie Madison Milstar. That’s how Dallas ended up here. We like when adult models refer other glamour models. It lets us know we’re treating ’em right…or maybe it’s our bucks who are treating ’em right. Does it matter?

Dallas said us that she loves to try recent things. This is a recent thing. And she obviously enjoyed herself.

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Raquel Ritz – Gangbang mom gets ass-fucked

Group-sex Mamma receives ass-fucked

Gangbang Mommy receives ass-fucked

For her second go-round at 40SomethingMag.com, 40-year-old wife and Mom (of two teenagers) Raquel Ritz is going to get screwed in her tight little booty. Now, getting ass-fucked by a total stranger is not a fresh thing for Raquel. But this is the 1st time she’s ever done it on-camera.

A petite in number things u might love to know about Raquel previous to looking at those pictures:

1.) She is only five-feet-two.
TWO.) If the 25-year-old version of her could see the 40-year-old version of her, she’d be shocked. “Because of the background I grew up in and the area we grew up in, it was not smth I thought about,” Raquel told. “Very conservative with a majority of middle-town The United States of America.”
THREE.) Raquel had not at all heard of swinging until her hubby brought it up.
4.) She’s into gangbangs. That babe spends her days arranging ’em. To Raquel, more than 3 males at once is a gang.
5.) That babe can’t live with out cocks that are betwixt seven and nine inches lengthy. “More than nine is likewise big,” she said. Especially when it’s going into her arse, as this strapon is.
6.) Her partner was sitting a few feet away during the time that she got ass-fucked by this total stranger. “We relish watching each other,” Raquel said.

And we relish watching Raquel.

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Brianna Wildman – The MILF and the bad man

The SEXY HOUSEWIFE and the bad gent

The HORNY HOUSEWIFE and the bad man

40SOMETHINGMAG.COM DISCLAIMER: If you break into someone’s house, chances are you are not plan to acquire a oral-stimulation from the occupant. She is almost any likely not plan to be a tight little blonde with large fun bags and a bald seize, and she’s majority likely not going to let you hammer her cunt in all kinds of porno positions. There is a 99.999999% chance that this babe is intend to call the police and you are gonna end up in jail, where the solely action you’re intend to get is from some guy named Bolt in the shower room.

So what can we say about JMac other than that he got favourable? In this scene, this buck breaks into 47-year-old Brianna Wildman’s house. She’s hanging out in a little pink reservoir top and a G-string. She hits him over the head with a vase. Bad news for JMac, right? She ties him to her sofa. More bad news for JMac, right?

Not right.

Brianna stuffs her billibongs in his face and begins sucking his shlong. Apparently, crime does pay.

But, love we told, JMac got fortunate. BREAKING INTO A MILF’S HOUSE IS NOT ADVISABLE!

By the way, in this scene, Brianna gives the finest oral-service we have ever seen her give and acquires rogered harder than we’ve ever watched her get banged. Brianna busted her porno cherry here in 2008 (that babe still hasn’t discharged for anyone else), and in the movie scene, JMac actually stretched and pounded her pussy. This time, the pounding is even harder.

Maybe that’s why JMac broke into the abode. He knew that the occupant was a taut little wench with an elastic bawdy cleft.

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Willow Lynn – Coed Cunt

Coed Slit

Coed Cunt

“My professor took those pics of me,” Willow told us. “I cant tell u where I go to school or what I am studying cuz he could lose his tenure. I can say that my major requires me to spend one-on-one time with him. It’s not unconventional for me and my mate students to go to his house to discuss projects. It’s the ideal excuse for us to carry on our relationship. He likewise has a department digi camera there. One thing led to some other and we started getting frisky in the yard. I was so giddy and horny that I actually became a little dizzy.”

“I was absolutely stupid when I got to college. My professor literally taught me everything I know about sex. This charmer was not my 1st kiss, but this chab was my first for anything else. I’m completely in love with him. I guess this chab likes me, too. I just desire the school didn’t have so many rules about faculty go out with! Oh well, we still relish wherever we can. That includes his office. This guy even bought me a wicked scholar outfit to wear. I bow over his desk and this chab gives me spankings! If we do not receive identified out, I’ll send in more fotos to u.”

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Dallas Matthews – Madison Milstar presents Dallas Matthews in her XXX debut

Madison Milstar presents Dallas Matthews in her XXX first appearance

Madison Milstar presents Dallas Matthews in her XXX debut

Tall, blonde and sexy, 56-year-old cougar Dallas Matthews is lots of bitch goddess, and she’s making her fucking-on-camera debut right here. And how did Dallas detect us? In one of our beloved ways: This babe was referred to us by 60PlusMILFs.com greenhorn Madison Milstar. Dallas and her hubby have played with Madison and her partner. Last summer, Madison visited our studio and broke her porno cherry. This babe had such a worthy time that that babe said her ally. And now here’s Dallas, sucking and rogering a 24-year-old for all the world to watch. Thank you, Madison. Thank’s, Dallas!

Dallas is six-feet tall. She’s from Washington. She’s a cougar. That babe enjoys watching cooking brandishes and porn. This babe rides…horses. Schlongs, too. That babe likes soccer and football. We asked her if the people in her life would be surprised to watch her here, and that babe said, “I’m sure around half would be, but there are numerous that would like it, too.”

Such as Madison and her boyfriend.

“I swing with my spouse,” Dallas told. “It’s always wild pleasure. I guess my bukkake party was the wildest.”

This babe guesses the bukkake party was the wildest? Ya got to love a woman who isn’t sure if the facials party is the wildest thing she’d ever done.

Then again, what’s wilder, a semi-private bukkake party or doing this?

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Honey Ray – Honey Ray’s kids know about this, and she doesn’t care!

Vixen Ray’s kids know about this, and this babe doesn’t care!

Honey Ray's kids know about this, and this babe doesn't care!

“I’m turning 60 this year, but I don’t think I have slowed down one bit. I enjoy sex now more than ever,” said Babe Ray, a wife, Mother and divorcee from Florida who can be seen screwing at 50PlusMILFs.com.

“I love sex, and it is all about having joy,” Honey said. “I’m a giver and a pleaser, so I like making people feel valuable.”

Here, Sweetheart is going to make us feel wonderful by showing off her large melons, taut slit and tighter, rarely-fucked butthole.

Hotty Ray’s kids lately discovered out what she is been doing in our studio, but if u think that stopped her from coming back, u don’t know Playgirl.

“I said to them, ‘Do you think I’ve changed in the last 10 years?’ They said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘Am I the same person I always was?’ They told, ‘Yes.’ So I told, ‘Well, then u have no thing to worry about.’ I am plan to keep doing what I’ve been doing.”

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Amara Romani – Livin’ The Dream

Livin’ The Dream

Livin' The Dream

Lives: Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania; Occupation: Livecam glamour model; Age: Nineteen; Born: March Twenty five; Ht: 5’2″; Wt: 110 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: No special styles/brands; Anal: I love it; BJs: Swallow; Masturbate: Oh yes.

Amara will try everything once. Don’t take our word for it, here’s what she told us. “I don’t think I’ve ever told no to a erotic request as long as it wouldn’t hurt someone. When I’m partying, I adore being the center of attention. Let’s just say that I’ve always been very promiscuous, and I do not discriminate against whomever wishes to copulate me. I have had boyfriends and girlfriends, and I have acted adore a wench with all of ’em. Basically, I’m doing all the perverted shit most hotties merely think about doing when they masturbate.”

“You boys might identify this weird coming from a cutie who is fucking a stranger in front of strangers with cameras,” Amara confided in us. “But I’ve at not time had sex in public, which is even more strange coz I love the idea of it. I mean, it doesn’t really matter where I’ve sex ‘cuz I receive so wrapped up in the sensations, I kind of receive tunnel vision, but I like the idea of being on display.”

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Brianna Wildman – Breaking and entering

Breaking and entering

Breaking and entering

Brianna Wildman, wearing a skimpy little tank top that her big mammaries are popping without and a G-string that makes her cute little butt look very enticing, is enjoying a quiet morning at home when this babe hears the sound of breaking glass. Some dude is trying to break into her abode! This babe grabs a vase. JMac is breaking into her abode! What are the odds that a porn chap would break into a porn slut’s abode? This babe hits him over the head and ties him to the bed.

Hey, shouldn’t that babe call the police?

Apparently not.

“What are u doing breaking into my house?” she asks JMac as her nipples fall with out her top. She feels around his pants for a weapon. She doesn’t say, “Is that a gun in your trousers, Mr. JMac, or are you just happy to watch me?” At this point, JMac isn’t pleased to see her, but Brianna is cheerful to see that her thief has a greater than run of the mill knob.

“Your cock’s getting unbending,” Brianna says as JMac realizes that he is cheerful to see her. “You try to take from me, I am going to take from u.”

Brianna gives and takes. That babe takes his cock into her face hole. She gives him a blow job. She takes his wang into her tight fur pie. He gives her his cum all over her face.

Brianna is a 47-year-old divorcee from Las Vegas. This babe is a dance instructor. She’s a slight piece of ass. That babe talks immodest. That babe sucks balls. Her tight muff takes a serious pounding from JMac’s biggest tool. Breaking and entering, actually.

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Haileey James – Craves the Cock

Wants the Weenie

Craves the Cock

Here’s the nice news about Haileey James, a 20-year-old cocktail waitress from Columbus, Ohio: If you drive a crappy car, she doesn’t care. This babe describes her dream car as “anything that gets me from Point A to Point B.” Great. So Haileey isn’t one of those stuck-up honey bunnys who’ll solely fuck rich boyz. Now here’s the bad news about Haileey: This babe loves hawt studs with greater than run of the mill dongs. But that’s followed by more fantastic news: This babe has smack up her arse, so even if majority beauties don’t think you’re hot, she might! The big penis, however, we can not assist u with. Ok, so Haileey, who says that babe fucks two or 3 times a day (and you know there aren’t enough good-looking chaps in the complete world to fulfill that sexual appetite) fucks on digital camera here. The boy? Clearly, he’s no looker. You are more glamourous looking than him. Haileey will screw you.

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Sasha del Mar – Sasha’s porn fantasy comes true

Sasha’s porn dream comes true

Sasha's porn fantasy comes true

Greenhorn Sasha del Mar is not a woman for beginners at sex, but if u have a greater than run of the mill schlong, this babe can work around that. How large is greater than standard? She didn’t say. Or maybe that babe did say and we did not understand her. Sasha, who’s Peruvian, speaks very little English. That is why this episode has subtitles. Usually, we’re afraid of clips with subtitles. It means Truffaut or Bergman or some other director who’s knee-deep in symbolism and metaphors. But in this case, we do not mind the subtitles ‘cuz they allow us to understand Sasha’s shag talk.

She is plenty of lady. She has greater than typical meatballs and a greater than typical, round gazoo. She has a tiny waist, also. In this scene, 50-year-old Sasha has sex with 22-year-old Peter. His jock appears to be bigger in size than run of the mill enough for Sasha, who sucks it and sits on it and bonks it hard.

Sasha is a Mamma of 2. This babe works in home health care. She doesn’t love her job. That babe likes banging. This babe very much enjoyed her two days in our studio. On the second day, she got ass-fucked, but that’s a episode for one more day. She’s 5’7″. She has D-cup wobblers and a 44-inch booty. This babe said this babe loves dark-skinned lads “because of their big knobs.” That babe always dresses sexy, whether that babe is on a date or just shopping. Her erotic fantasy?

“To do a porn movie. I can not await!”

Her await is over.

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Charli Shay – The doctor is in. The cum is in her pussy

The doctor is in. The cum is in her pussy

The doctor is in. The cum is in her pussy

We asked 45-year-old divorcee Charli Shay if this babe ever has sex on the 1st date. Her answer didn’t surprise us.

“If I feel adore it,” she said. Charli charming much does whatsoever she pleases. “I can do whatsoever I urge, and if I crave him, why not?”

Why not, actually? Here, Charli is a doctor who has a cure for what ails 22-year-old Peter. His cock hurts, so this babe is plan to give it some delicate engulfing care. Some tender rogering care, likewise. Each chap needs a doctor adore Charli…unless, of course, this gent has a serious medical condition. If u have a serious medical condition, DONOT go to a porn doctor. But if u have a hardon, go to a M.I.L.F. porn doctor.

Charli is a Mama of two. As opposed to the last time that babe visited our studio, this babe now has hair on her vagina. In this scene, she’ll end up with Peter’s spunk in her love tunnel as her upright nipps point skyward. Very sexy.

Charli says silly movie scenes make her laugh. So do “random silly comments.” So if u desire to make time with her, make her chortle. Maybe she’ll shag u. Maybe she’ll go out with u. Maybe she’ll screw u out of even going out with you. After all, that babe can do whatever that babe desires.

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