Kali Karinena – The yoga instructor isn’t wearing panties!

The yoga instructor isn’t wearing panties!

The yoga instructor isn't wearing briefs!

What’s going on here? Well, apprentice Kali Karinena is a yoga instructor, and that babe isn’t wearing knickers beneath her sheer pantyhose. So when she bends over, Rocky, her scholar, gets a view of her twat that that man cant make almost certainly of. He does a double-take, and whaddya know? Yeah, Kali isn’t wearing any belts, and that is her naked cunt!

Of course, Kali pays attention the reaction in Rocky’s trousers. Hey, yoga practice can come later. The way Kali sees it, why waste a perfectly valuable hard-on? So they screw right there in the studio, and Kali reveals off her unbelievable flexibility during the rogering action, and when it is all over, Kali has Rocky’s cum all over her face.

And that is the story of Kali’s 1st time rogering on-camera.

Kali is 44 years mature. That babe is married. That babe was born in Chicago and now lives in Southern California. That babe truly is into yoga, and that’s how that babe keeps in such great shape, but when we asked her about her hobbies, she told, “Sex is my hobby.” And she actually doesn’t wear panties.

“Why a predicament?” this babe said. “They just click this link the way and slow things down.”

Kali is a short-haired, dark brown ravisher with a stunning face and a great body. She and her hubby are swinger married couples; have been since the day they met. And that babe is into wazoo stab, which is a story for another day.

Yeah, there will be another day. U didn’t think Kali would shag and run, did u?

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Sarah – Rub a dub D-cups

Rub a dub D-cups

Rub a dub D-cups

Occupation: Baker; Age: Twenty six; Born: April 29; Ht: 5’7″; Wt: 130 pounds; Bras: 34B; Panties: Whatsoever; Anal: No! BJs: Drink unless it’s too salty; Masturbate: Who doesn’t?

“My mammoth fear in life is having my sex life go stale,” Sarah said us. “That’s why I sent in this stuff to u lads. I want to keep things recent and exciting. I’m afraid that if I don’t challenge myself, I’ll just fall into a rut and marry some lady-killer just because his pecker works and this gent wants to pop out some kids. That’s definitely not what I urge. Not yet, at least. I wanna fuck in bonkers places. I wanna screw people I really shouldn’t. I wish adventure and passion. That is not also much to ask for, right? That is why I submitted my stuff to you bucks. It is something completely wild and it’ll aid expose my charmer that I am not super-serious about marriage or anything right now.”
“Depending on how I’m feeling, I’ll either costume really provocatively or actually lazy. Sometimes I’ll receive a wild hair up my ass and I’ll dress to the nines. I mean, I’ll do up my hair and makeup and put on tall leather boots and shove my breast valley out indeed far. The looks I receive arouse me. Other times, though. I really do not crave any attention. I’ll just wear sweats or smth. If a cutie doesn’t look love she’s trying stiff, don’t approach her! She’s not having a wonderful day.”

That is fine advice.

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Katherine Merlot – Fuck that hot 73-year-old cunt!

Shag that hawt 73-year-old slit!

Fuck that hawt 73-year-old bawdy cleft!

“I think u can be chic and carnal, if that makes any sense,” told redhead Katherine Merlot, a 73-year-old divorcee who lives in the eastern United States. “I try to be elegant in the way I dress and carry myself, but when I have sex with a buck, the dirtiest things will come out of my mouth.”

“Fuck that sexy snatch,” Katherine tells Juan in this scene. “I can’t acquire sufficient of that young ramrod!” Then that babe widens her face hole for his spunk and plays with it in her throat.

Katherine also told us, “My clitoris is very sensitive. I totally like when a smooth operator kisses it and licks it passionately. I feel each little thing they do and it acquires me in the mood love no thing else. When I rub it during sex, it sends me over the edge.”

Go over the edge with Katherine. Jack to that 73-year-old cookie!

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Sydney – Sydney fucks her son’s best friend

Sydney bonks her son’s best friend

Sydney shags her son's most good friend

This scene opens with Sydney, a 48-year-old MILF from Nevada, in bed with her spouse. This babe gets out of bed, puts on a robe and sneaks without the room. This babe thinks her hubby is asleep, but this chab appears to be to know what she’s up to.

In any case, Sydney walks into the living room and sees her son’s supreme ally jacking off on the couch, so this babe dips down into her knickers and rubs her pussy. Hey, this is what that babe came for, and it turns out he is already got his rod up. Ideal!

So Brad is jacking beneath the sheets and Sydney’s diddling her wet crack, and maybe that babe moans too loudly coz he sees her.

“It’s okay,” Sydney says, sat down next to him. “My husband’s upstairs fast asleep and Joey’s upstairs banging his girlfriend.”

“Oh, I see how it goes,” Brad says.

But does this stud?

“I just wanted to know if I could sit and view you,” Sydney says.


“I was kind of thinking about you in any case,” he says.

So Sydney sits there watching her son’s preeminent friend toss off, then she reaches over and comes to a culmination to assist him with her hand. And with her throat. And with her fur pie. Meanwhile, her hubby’s upstairs wondering why this fellow is the solely one in the abode not getting any.

Maybe this chab should just log onto 40SomethingMag.com.

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Katherine Merlot – Fucking that 73-year-old pussy

Screwing that 73-year-old snatch

Fucking that 73-year-old pussy

Now 73 years aged, divorcee, Mommy and redhead Katherline Merlot returns to 60PlusMILFs.com to take on Juan’s large meat-thermometer. This babe is looking alluring in a hawt undergarment and thongs. So, what’s Katherine been up to since we last saw her about a year agone?

“I”ve been doing a lot of touring up and down the east coast trying to please all those youthful bucks…and the old,” said Katherine, who was born in Romania and now lives in the United States. “I adore to give great blows. That is my favorite thing to do. I just have a fetish, I guess, about worthwhile inflexible, juvenile knobs. I like ‘em in my bawdy cleft, also, but I get to acquire ‘em rock hard first.”

“Cunt”? Did she say, “Cunt”? Yeah, she did. Besides…

“I lay ‘em down on the bed and I go down on their dick and I tickle their balls gently, then I put it in my throat and I just suck it. I go up and down with my tongue and all around the head of the penis. And then I take my tongue and go all the way down to the balls. I take up with the tongue ‘em, I engulf them, then back up to the weenie, and by then, my fur pie is nice and wet and wet, and I am ready to get banged.”

Katherine says her cum-hole is “a old vagina but still very young. I receive a lot of compliments on my pussy.”

Juan compliments it by rogering it rock hard and cumming on Katherine’s face. Welcome back, Ms. Merlot.

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Sabrina Santos – Big-assed Cuban hottie sucks dick for tips

Big-assed Cuban honey bunny sucks jock for tips

Big-assed Cuban sweetheart sucks cock for tips

“I love to widen my chunky cheeks so a skirt chaser can lick my butthole,” 41-year-old MILF/big-assed Cuban sweetheart Sabrina Santos said us through an interpreter. “My love muffins might be slight, but I make up for it with my gazoo. In Miami there’re plenty of Cuban and Hispanic chaps, and they all like asses.”

It was a natural progression for Sabrina to end up in our studio. She’s already used to getting bare for people, which she loves. Doing it for the digi camera was no exception for this Latin chick exhibitionist.

Sabrina only speaks Spanish, but when you speak the international language of sex, that’s not a problem. Sabrina is a gogo dancer in a sleazy club, so that babe loves to widen her asscheeks for an audience. And that babe likewise knows how to give carnal lapdances that will make you nut in your pants.

“Many bucks have cum from my dances,” this babe said. “I get tons of tips at the undress club ‘coz I know how to shake my gazoo. Once in a whilst I will take ‘em to the back and suck their pecker.”

When Sabrina isn’t shaking her arse at the undress club, this babe loves to shake her arse at salsa lap dancing clubs.

“I’m a great dancer, and u know what they say about people who can dance.”

This babe also enjoys cooking, cleaning and sewing.

“Just because I’m a lap dancer doesn’t mean that I do not know how to be a worthy housewife. I just love most of all to do it out of a partner. Those studs can not keep up with me and just hold me down. I prefer to be free so I can screw whomever I crave.”

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Kitten Sexton – Lost Kitten

Lost Kitten

Lost Kitten

Well, somebody at NM drilled up. We had this perfectly wonderful set just collecting dust in our archives. It is not at all been viewed in advance of. We found it while preparing for our 20th anniversary issue of Wicked Neighbors magazine. Anyway, we know you’ll have fun seeing Kitten some other time. We posted one more images of her back in 2008. Have fun!

Kitten was 18 years, 2 months mature when this babe sent in these images. This babe is got 34B-cup billibongs and wears a size 2 costume. She normally wears boyshorts if this babe has to wear knickers, but this babe prefers to go without them. This babe played volleyball and soccer back in college. She told us that her kinkiest rencounter was having sex with 2 chaps and another beauty all at the same time.

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Sydney – Sydney gets a facial

Sydney acquires a facial

Sydney receives a facial

Let’s welcome back Sydney, a 48-year-old HORNY HOUSEWIFE from Nevada. Sydney said us that babe doesn’t have any fetishes. She’s a straight-sex kind of goddess (although she’ll have anal sex if the chemistry is right). She’d adore to have sex each morning (but this babe doesn’t), and that babe enjoys “French giving a kiss while exploring every other’s bodies, a lad engulfing on my boobies and gentle and playful grabbing and spanking.”

This babe too told, “I urge the petticoat chaser to be the guy and take control. I want the charmer to make the first move the majority of the time, but if the mood is right and I’m feeling it, then I don’t have a problem with making the first move.”

In this scene, that babe definitely makes the 1st move. This babe is wearing hot lingerie, a little under garment and briefs that brandish off her little, fuckable body.

“I adore Victoria’s Secret panties,” she told.

We love Sydney’s body no matter what that babe has on…the less the more precious, of course.

Here, Sydney is with a much-younger lad. This babe sucks the juvenile 10-Pounder. That babe bonks the youthful knob. That babe takes his load all over her glamorous face. And everybody’s pleased.

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Lena Lewis – Lena fucks a guy half her age

Lena screws a gent half her age

Lena screws a lad half her age

Lena Lewis is 51 years old.

Rocky is 25 years mature. In other words, he’s half Lena’s age.

And that makes him the perfect hubby for Lena’s 1st clip at 50PlusMILFs.com. Coz we all love watching cougars mouthing and rogering youthful jock.


Coz they’re not supposed to. They’re supposed to play with dudes their own age. But the hotties of 50PlusMILFs.com do not play by the rules.

“I’m definitely sexually aggressive,” said Lena, who was born in Germany and lives in New York City. “Sometimes that scares a guy, though.”

No receive to be scared, lads. Lena’s raunchy aggressiveness comes with blow jobs and screwing. “I hate to expect for a dude to make the 1st move,” this babe told. “Life is too short and some chaps are just likewise coyness to approach me.” In this scene, Lena takes the lead. She leaves Rocky with no doubt about what this babe urges. That babe is a cougar on the prowl, and that’s great.

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Tyler Stevens – Special DVD Presentation: Teens Next Door

Particular DVD Presentation: Legal age teenagers Next Door

Special DVD Presentation: Nubiles Next Door

As a peculiar treat for u fellows, we’re posting an whole full-length DVD online this month. We’re posting one scene weekly until the complete flick is online and u can view it any time you want.

This week we have got Tyler, who prefers screwing maturer men. We asked her why. “Young boys just wanna bust a nut. Maturer males care more about your enjoyment and they’ll work extra hard to make you cum.”

Tyler’s cumming beautiful rock hard in this scene, that is for sure.

Stay tuned for more Teenies Next Door.

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Tarise Taylor – Former Raiderette gets big, black cock on-camera

Former Raiderette gets big, black jock on-camera

Former Raiderette receives bigger than run of the mill, dark weenie on-camera

“I’m normally coyness and reserved,” said 45-year-old Tarise Taylor, who makes her 40SomethingMag.com movie scene launch right here and appears to be everything but shy and reserved. For one, that babe is wearing a tight, low-cut top that doesn’t cover much of her DDD-cup rack. And then this babe bows over so her fullsome funbags are practically in Stallion’s face. And then that babe sucks his pecker and shags it, and she’s the one taking control. By the time the banging is over, Tarise has Stallion’s cum all over her boobs and face.

Basic setup here: Tarise is the hawt hairdresser who wants and receives Stallion’s bigger than standard, dark dong.

Tarise is a blue-eyed golden-haired from California. This babe is a Mom. This babe one time was a hairstylist. She isn’t a swinger or a nudist.

But get this: She was a Raiderette! That’s right! Tarise was a cheerleader for the Raiders of the National Football League when they played in Los Angeles, so u might have watched her on TV. No, she did not bonk any players. Yes, this babe could have.

We asked Tarise what sexually satisfies her, and she told, “When a ladies man makes me squirt.” She was not giving us any pointers. You are gonna get to decide for yourself how to make Tarise squirt. This babe lately found that this babe likes being observed whilst having sex. And that babe loves younger males.

Now, we do not know how you feel about the Raiders. Maybe you are a 49ers fan. Maybe you do not care about football. But a female like Tarise could make u care.

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